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December 19, 2021 3 min read

The Benefits of Mexico vs China

When it comes to sourcing products, the question of where and how a company manufactures its goods is of utmost importance. At QLTY, we made a deliberate choice to manufacture our boots in Mexico instead of following the conventional route to China, as many of our competitors have done. This decision has proven to be a strategic move, especially in light of the current supply chain challenges. In this blog post, we will delve into why Mexico emerged as our preferred manufacturing destination and the advantages it offers.

Why we decided to manufacture our boots in Mexico versus going to China like most of your competitors...

The $64 million dollar question of where to manufacture led us to Mexico. With the supply chain disruptions we are witnessing globally, it made sense to bring our manufacturing closer to our target market. Having worked with Asian manufacturers in the past, we understood the inherent challenges. We wanted to do things differently and build a North American supply chain that is scalable, flexible, and capable of delivering products with speed.



Manufacturing in Mexico

Mexico’s Craftsmanship and Expertise:

In Mexico, we discovered a treasure trove of skilled artisans who are experts in their craft and possess an intimate understanding of boot making. As a US-based footwear company headquartered in Denver, CO, we are fortunate to have access to these exceptional partners and manufacturers. Finding the right manufacturer was the crucial first step in building QLTY. It's like building a house; without a solid foundation, the entire structure would be unstable. Mexico's craftsmen provide the level of quality and attention to detail that aligns perfectly with our brand values.

Speed to Market, the Advantages of Logistics and Agility:

As a direct-to-consumer (e-commerce) focused business, logistics play a vital role in our operations. Unlike wholesale brands, we don't manufacture in bulk or follow a seasonal timeline. Our ability to produce in small batches based on customer demand allows us to prioritize quality and be agile in responding to market trends. Manufacturing in Mexico significantly reduces logistical challenges compared to our previous experience in Asia, where long travel hours and associated expenses were a major frustration for a smaller company like ours.


Quality and Craftsmanship
Stitching the Goodyear Welt on to the upper.

What are Our Future Plans:

While manufacturing in Mexico has been a successful choice for QLTY, we always keep an eye on the future. As we continue to scale and expand our product offerings, the idea of manufacturing in the USA remains in the back of our minds. However, building a manufacturing facility within the United States requires substantial resources, making it currently unfeasible for our young brand. Nevertheless, we are committed to exploring opportunities for US-based manufacturing as we grow.

Focus on Quality and Cost Considerations:

The quality of products manufactured in Mexico is a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship found in the country. Our emphasis on quality and craftsmanship led us to carefully select a Mexican factory that not only produces high-quality goods but also pays above fair wages to its employees. While some may question the cost-effectiveness of manufacturing in Mexico, we firmly believe that quality and craftsmanship are not cheap. It's important to remember that the cost to manufacture each pair of our boots in Mexico is comparable to what our competitors spend on manufacturing in the United States.

Choosing Mexico as our manufacturing hub has provided QLTY with numerous advantages. From the expertise of Mexican artisans to the streamlined logistics and cost-effectiveness, it has been a strategic decision that aligns perfectly with our brand values. We are proud to support the skilled workforce in Mexico and deliver boots that represent the finest quality and craftsmanship to our customers.