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December 13, 2021 2 min read

Why we sign each box that leaves our factory...

There are over 200 handmade steps that go into crafting each pair of QLTY work boots.  Quality and craftsmanship is woven into every step of the process.  When a boot comes off the line and before they are shipped to our customers, each pair goes through one final hand inspection before they go into the box.  

From day one and before we ever put pen to paper, we wanted to separate QLTY from the other work boot brands in the industry.  A focus on being authentic and transparent was woven into the business as we continue to share the process and journey the team has been taking to manufacture our boots.

I have spent my career in the footwear industry, working in design / development and corporate leadership roles for Nike, Converse and Wolverine.  Until I co-founded QLTY, I really did not understand the “Power of a Signature”.


Signing the box

Signing the box, the final step in the process

With a global supply chain as our foundation, there are so many moving parts and steps that go into crafting each pair of QLTY work boots…but to us, it’s the last step that is the most important.  The personal signing of each box before it leaves our manufacturer. 

Sometimes we are so focused on the bigger picture we lose sight and can’t see the forest for the trees. Being a small brand at times has its advantages and it is the smallest detail that becomes the most important.  When we set out to build QLTY, details like signing every box, sourcing the best materials and spending the time to craft every boot by hand starts to set us apart.

Quality is in our name, in our DNA and built into every product we manufacture.  The signature is our personal stamp ensuring your boots will always meet our high standards.