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Great boots!!!


I recently acquired the DNVR Moc Toe Soft Toe Work Boots in Jet, and I must say, they exceed all expectations! Crafted for the hardworking individual, these boots blend classic design with unwavering durability. The oil-tanned leather upper not only exudes timeless style but also promises resilience against the toughest conditions.

What truly sets these boots apart is their unmatched comfort. The padded insole and supportive arch provide a level of cushioning that makes long hours on your feet feel like a breeze. Whether navigating diverse terrains or tackling demanding tasks, the non-slip rubber outsole ensures superior grip and stability, offering peace of mind with every step.

I particularly appreciate the attention to detail in the construction. The Goodyear Welt technique not only enhances durability and moisture resistance but also allows for easy resoling, ensuring these boots will stand the test of time. Whether you're a contractor, electrician, or avid DIY enthusiast, these boots are the perfect ally for any endeavor.

In summary, the DNVR Moc Toe Boots combine all-day ease with lasting craftsmanship, making them an indispensable companion for any work environment. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of reliable, comfortable footwear that can handle whatever the day throws their way!

Work boots

Excellent fit true to size very comfortable right out of the box no break in time!!

quality comfortable boots

Wondering what is the best company to buy boots from? QTLY boots is one of the boot brands that should definitely be at the top of your list if you appreciate quality comfortable boots that strike the perfect balance between style and superior function. I just got my first set of QLTY boots and they are by far the most comfortable boots right out of the box as compared to some of my other brand boots. The commitment to crafting is exceptional, a high-quality boot is evident in every step I take.


I work in wastewater and on my feet all day and also flat footed , I’m always getting told that I purchase work boots every other month. Which I do for comfort reasons. Let me tell you at 49 years old and working since I was 6 years old in farm labor I found the boots that are so comfortable and what a better place to handcraft the boots my home town !! Thanks again!! #needanewpairalready…

Awesome boots!

Was a bit hesitant, but now I am convinced. These boots are very comfortable, I can wear them all day.

Was the best choice I ever made purchasing these work boots I’ll definitely recommend you guys to everyone I know !

I dig em

My Denver’s in Jet (unlined soft toe) are great. I wanted a resole-able boot for a decent price. Not to mention a company based in my state of CO. My only ‘issue’ is my own in that I could have used a half size smaller. I couldn’t tell at first but with a little wear, I did. So I put some heal cushions in and I’m really digging em. Love the black soles! Rarely seen on other boots without a vibram resole. Comfortable with no real break in needed.

DNVR Boots

The boots are comfortable and light but there are a few things I don’t like. The eyelets where the laces go through are jagged on the back tearing the laces up. I had to file everyone down so the laces wouldn’t snag on them every time I laced them. I wish it had a leather loop at the heal to assist slipping them on. It’s a good boot but has a couple flaws.


I love my new boots ! I wear them for work for long periods at a time. They're comfortable and the ladies love em !

Very comfortable

These boots are super comfortable and easy to put on nice materials 10/10 would buy again

Totally Satisfied

Really pleased. This boot is comfortable and professionally constructed.

My 2nd pair

Great boots! I like boots without a heal on the sole, and that the sole is black to match the leather which is hard to find in a quality boot. I will probably get my 1st pair resoled at some point because the leather is so nice once fully broken in.

Love this boots

Love this boots so much that i had to gift em to my dad so he could feel the luxury boot that is QLTY Boots

DNVR 6" Moc Toe Boot (Unlined): Jet (Soft Toe)


They are very comfortable. Love flat sole
Work in construction and when it rains mud is an issue. Woth flat sole just comes right off and no need to be tracking mud in customers house.

Narrow sizes

Too bad the boots don't come in narrow sizes


I have these and a pair of red wings also. The Qlty boots are my favorite by far

Exceeded all expectations. Promote ahead of peers.

Greatly appreciate that they offer wide sizes. Seriously, the competition should take note. Almost no break in period. Ample support in the arches. Thick leather all around.
The only minor complaint- I wasn’t in love with the lace color. Easy inexpensive fix though.

5 star+

Delivered within 3 days of placing the order. I put them on and left for work- 12 hours later I got home and remembered they were new. No pain or fatigue at all!
These boots are much more comfortable than the super expensive ones!
Buy them, you won’t regret it!

Ditch the Thorogoods

Better than the union boots


The quality boots that I purchased were the best boots I ever purchased right out of the box as far as comfort and wearability.

First time buyer

I bought these boots back in June,and so far it’s one of the most comfortable work boot I have ever worn. Will definitely purchase a second pair soon and more in the future.

Good so far!

Very nice looking boots! Fairly comfortable for only 2 work weeks in them. I did have to get some arch support inserts but that’s personal preference. Hopefully they hold up to 15k steps a day on rough concrete in a weld shop. Time will tell…