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True stories straight from our customers.

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DNVR 6" Moc Toe Boot : Jet (Soft Toe/Unlined)
Tony Fonseca (Los Angeles, US)

Didn't expect the comfort ness and the good looking quality of the boots

Soooo close

I wanted an 8inch tall leather work boot with no heal and a sole that wasn't the same color as a set if fresh veneers. I think that is the lamest choice for a work boot. They're going to stain immediately so why not make them brown or black. To my surprise most boot manufacturers don't agree. When I finally stumbled upon the BLDRs I thought, finally a company that knows what it's doing. However, it wasn't all titties and beer. The boots are not made in the USA and sizes are limited to standard dimensions. No wide, no narrow, etc. That being said, the price was right and they're a good looking boot so I went for it. They arrived exactly when they said they would and it was a Sunday no less. After opening the box they were just as stunning as their pictures indicated. There were some scuff marks but nothing that a quick wipe couldn't fix. Further inspection brought the ugly color of the shoe laces to my attention. Too light and bright in color and thus were immediately swapped with the free pair of redwing laces I had just been given. I do have a slightly wide foot according to redwing but I've never known if that was a sales ploy. Well it's no sales ploy, these boots were tight. I had the correct amount of toe space so size does appear to be true to standard feet. I knew this was a possibility and I took the risk.
I put a stretcher in them and oiled them and after a week they are starting to feel better. A wide option would make them fit like a glove. The last gripe I have is frustrating and has me thinking maybe I spoke too soon and they don't know what they're doing. I don't care what reason there is but you dont go from holes for the laces then the quick hook things and then back to a hole at the top. That's just stupid! What the hell is that? Nothing you can say will make me think differently about that. Have I mentioned how mentally challenged that decision is?
Some of my problems I knew were possibilities and QLTY can't be knocked for them directly but, it's still a knock. These might not be issues for you and the boot overall is comfortable and seems to be well constructed. I would buy another pair if they enter the 21st century and make wide options, unclude better laces and use quick tie hooks for the laces all the way to the top. I'd pay $50-75 more if they made the changes above AND brought manufacturing of the boots to the USA. There is great potential here and I'd hate to see them lose my business over simple fixes. For now they are a 3 but a 5 is within arms reach.

For the whole crew

I had Anthony come by and outfit our whole crew with boots. Not only did my crew find them stylish but very comfortable. I even got me a pare and they are great. Very well built, top shelf materials and fantastic workmanship. It’s just an added bonus that they come right to your door. What a great company.

DNVR 6" Moc Toe Boot : Jet (Soft Toe/Unlined)
Jamar Washington (Austin, US)
Sturdy yet comfortable

I’ve been wearing them to work for the past 3 weeks. Even after standing for hours, bending, crouching, and walking, I would confidently recommend the boots to others.

DNVR 6" Moc Toe Boot : Jet (Soft Toe/Unlined)
Edward Davies (New York, US)

Great Boots 👢

Second pair

Very comfortable boots and made to last

DNVR-ST 6" Moc Toe Boot : Jet (Steel Toe/Unlined)
Troy Sullivan (Minneapolis, US)

Great Boots!

DNVR 6" Moc Toe Boot : Moka (Soft Toe/Unlined)
Brad Waterman (Los Angeles, US)
Quality Surpassed by none

These boots are a God sent. I have worn Carolinas,Thorogoods, DieHards, Brunt, Danners, Redwings, Irish Setters, etc..
I can wear these for 10 to 12 hour days and not have my knees or back kill me. I am a handyman and house painter. One day I could be doing demolition and the next day repairing a roof and I am very tough on boots. Boots last me from 6 months to 12 months depending on the work I am doing. I have four pair of these dnvr qlty boots. 3 pairs are steel toe and one is a soft toe. These are such great quality that I can be beat the **** out of them and they come back for more. I got three pairs for my birthdays and the first pair from one of a boss of mine. So many people have ask me where I bought these and what brand are they that I have lost count. Only one of my first pair have been demolished by having the sole split where my foot bends on both the left and right boots. But the makers of dnvr boots have changed the outer sole so this is not a problem anymore. There are only two more things they need to change on the 4 pair of mock toe boots that I have worn: 1. The pull tab in back needs to be made longer and made out of a thicker suede leather. 2. The speed laces up at the top need to be less sharp so they do not wear laces out so quickly. 3. If they had a rubber protective toe so you could kick things or be on your knees and not scuff the toe area up.
The only other things I could suggest are: to make a pair in the U.S.A. and to advertise their brand more. Best Wishes, Brad

Great medium duty boot

I like these boots. They were comfortable right out the box. The size and fit was spot on. As the day goes on though my feet get a little tired in them. I stand/work on a lot of different terrain throughout the day (concrete, gravel & dirt). I think the insole is not quite as good as the one in my Red Wings, but very close. I do love them for riding my Harley.

DNVR-ST 6" Moc Toe Boot : Jet (Steel Toe/Unlined)
Mike Siedlecki (Washington, US)
Great so far!

I love the look and feel of these boots so far, i purchased the 6” Denver steel toe from QLTY a little over a month ago in all black. Straight out of the box the foot is true to size and the soles are comfortable, the steel toe definitely have a break in period but in my existence you get that with any work boot. I’m looking forward to see how long they last, I typically get a year out of most brands so I’ll have to post a follow up one I get to that point, but so far so good!

Time will tell

I'm giving these boots an initial 5 star review based on price/comfort/build quality. The biggest test for me is how long they hold up. I've only been wearing them for about three weeks at this point. I did switch out the insole to something more comfortable the first day. They seem well made, and I expect them to last.

DNVR 6" Moc Toe Boot : Jet (Soft Toe/Unlined)
Bryan Burns (Sacramento, US)
Should come with black Kevlar laces

Good boots, overall quality is good but laces aren’t great. Immediately replaced with black Kevlar and now very happy with my boots. I will buy again.

DNVR-ST 6" Moc Toe Boot : Jet (Steel Toe/Unlined)
Mike Warren (Port Saint Lucie, US)
Moc Toe Black Boots

I love my boots, great quality and comfort.

QLTY is the best

Bought 2 pairs from them, the quality of the leather and build of the boot for the price is ridiculous. As soon as a high ankle black comes out, I am slamming my card on the table!

Andrew is Great!!

Andrew came to our office and fitted a ton of our sales guys and was very personable and helpful! I will always recommend him for anyone that is looking for great work boots!

Solid boot.

For a work boot, the build and comfort is next to none. I bought the DNVR in tan and black, and the quality is in the name. Thanks QLTY!

DNVR 6" Moc Toe Boot : Jet (Soft Toe/Unlined)
Mr. Lockhart ! (Lockhart, US)
Great Boots !

I’ve always been a boot guy , and have worn all kinds of brands , and this has been by far the most comfortable and best looking boot I’ve purchased , I don’t even need an insole for comfort , looking forward to my next pair !

2nd Pair and Loving Them

This is the second pair DNVR-ST I have bought in the past four months. After wearing the first pair for a while and making sure they were up to par I decided to get a second pair. These shoes are well made, comfortable, and so far held up to a lot of abuse. I highly recommend them over some of the more expensive brands I’ve bought in the past.

DNVR-ST 6" Moc Toe Boot : Jet (Steel Toe/Unlined)
Dennis Blankenship (Phoenix, US)
Great boots

Felt great from day one in my feet. Highly recommend these!

DNVR 6" Moc Toe Boot : Jet (Soft Toe/Unlined)
Marco Diego Toledo (Garland, US)
The best quality

I work on my most of the day and I need boots for work , I tried a couple other brands before but they either heavy or uncomfortable, quality boots are just right for my feet. Light, comfortable and they look good, I got a few compliments about them

Awesome boots!

By far the most comfortable, highest quality boots I’ve ever had in this price range.

If the boot fits

The most comfortable boots in construction. Amazing fit from day one. Tried many other brands, but these are as advertised. Love them.

DNVR 6" Moc Toe Boot : Jet (Soft Toe/Unlined)
Dillyon John (Albuquerque, US)
Soft toe

They’re completely comfortable as can be, I love them already might actually rode another pair but a different color. Y’all keep up the quality && honestly yall by far are the absolute best!

DNVR 6" Moc Toe Boot : Jet (Soft Toe/Unlined)
Sean Farmen (Huntington Beach, US)
Awesome boots

Wide toe box, comfortable sole, quality construction and materials. I'm a fan!

BLDR-ST 8" Waterproof Boot : Moka (Steel Toe)
Ezequiel Torres (Chicago Heights, US)
Great boots

Waterproof, stylish and comfortable. I've purchased 3 pairs already.