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DNVR-ST Moc Toe (Steel Toe)
Miguel A Santillan

Best fitting and comfortable and good looking boot I’ve own for work.

DNVR Moc Toe (Soft Toe)
Henry Sutherland Jr.
Good boots

So far I am loving these boots, very durable, very little break-in time, comfortable right out of the box, and true to size. I'm sure they will only get better after I condition them in few more months

Awesome boots

I’ve worn a bunch of different brands of boots but theses Dnvr moc steel toe boots are the I’ve had on my feet and they look good too

Lifetime Customer

I’m on my second pair! I used to pay $300 plus for steel toe work boots that can’t hold a candle to the comfort and weight balance of these.


Boot feels good and fits right but the insole has no support. Had to buy more supportive insoles. Left heel has been hurting for weeks now. Over all good boot.

Great boots

i have wide feet and this boots fit me very well. Been using them for a few weeks and they have soften up more and are more comfortable now. If you’re looking for a really good boots. give these guys a try. i guarantee you’ll LOVE them !!!!

DNVR Moc Toe (Soft Toe)
Maria Dapello
Great looking and comfortable boots

I highly recommend QLTY boots. They are comfortable, well built, high quality materials, decently priced, and just over all a 5 star product. My husband loves them.

DNVR Moc Toe (Soft Toe)
Kyle Guerrero
The best boots!

Can’t beat the QLTY (Get it!? Lol) , the comfort, and the price!! These boots should be at least $250 plus. 8-12 hours on the job-site a day and my feet don’t hurt at all. 10 out of 10 would recommend to anyone!!


I was on the fence due to the lower price range of these boots but they did not disappoint!

DNVR Moc Toe 6" ST : JET

DNVR Moc Toe (Soft Toe)
Robert Saucedo
Moc Toe

very good Quality made boot easy on the soul very comfortable these boots are now my go to boots i got 3 pairs already keep upi the good work!

DNVR-ST Moc Toe (Steel Toe)
Neftali Barboza
Great shoes

Great shoes, comfort and durable. Looks great.

DNVR Moc Toe (Soft Toe)
Terry Pruitt
High Quality

Wore redwings for 27 years my style became unavailable tried Thorogood got very poor quality to be made in the 🇺🇸 tried QLTY and wow just wow great fit out of the box very good quality will purchase again

Getting comfier everyday

I was in need of some new boots. My Romeo’s weren’t cutting it and just didn’t give me what I needed. I shopped around for a few weeks and came across QLTY boots. Went through the reviews and decided to try them out. I’m pretty pleased with them so far. My only complaint is that I should have ordered a half size smaller. But with winter around the corner, I don’t mind wearing thicker socks. Give these a shot if you’re looking for a decently priced great work boot, I’m satisfied.


Way lighter and more comfortable than irish setter moc toe. Journeyman up and down ladders all day and no pain.

Tom Donk

These Boots Rock. They have nice soft leather right out of the box and require minimal a minimal Break in period.
Very comfortable Boots!

The laces!

I've owned my boots for about 2 months now and they are great but the Laces! The eyelets are sharp on the inside and they are shredding my laces! Thinking of getting a Dremel to grind them down. The boots themselves are comfortable!

Great value

My work place requires black shoes, so this black on black is perfect. The contrasting laces look awesome. I get compliments on them all the time. I'm on my feet all day and can do at least 6 miles a shift, and at the end of the day, my feet are still comfortable. For the price, these can't be beat.

DNVR Moc Toe (Soft Toe)
Stuart Shifflett

These books break in very quickly! Very good quality for a fraction of the price of previous boots I have purchased.

DNVR Moc Toe (Soft Toe)
Stevy Trudeau
Great Detail & Construction

Super stoked so far! I can’t confirm the longevity as of yet. Great fit, comfortable from the first time I put them on my feet. All the panels and stitching are neatly done! Manufactured in Mexico, much better than China! Definitely a great value boot!

Best boots I’ve ever worn

I originally bought these to ride my motorcycle and they instantly turned into my everyday boot wear. They super comfortable, durable, and the aesthetics is untouchable! I highly suggest these bouts to anyone on the fence. Buy them! You won’t be disappointed!

Their customer service is top notch as well! I asked if they had a veteran discount, they didn’t at the time so they created a personal discount just for me. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

DNVR Moc Toe (Soft Toe)
clayton yutzy

DNVR Moc Toe 6" : MOKA

Good Boot for the price

The online issue I have with the boots is they are not a boot you want to wear for a 12 hour shift unless you go out and get a better insole. But other than that after new insoles I love the boots

Boots are very comfortable!! The only problem with my pair is, on the 3rd day i put them on, the top lace hook came off on their left boot. I emailed qlty and asked if they would send me a hook, I would put it on .received a email back we will send you a pair of new boots and a hook for your other pair." I haven't heard or received anything. Thats been over a month ago.

Work boots

Excellent boot, high quality , well built boots. They broke in very quickly and are very comfortable. You’ll miss out if you don’t buy a pair. Thanks QLTY for making such a nice boot at a affordable price point .