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April 19, 2022 2 min read

"My name is Kyle Lape Peoria AZ. I am 31 years old and have been an Aerospace machinist / Cnc programmer for 16 years now. I have always felt my craft is a trade but a very elegant trade!

Aircraft components held to the closest tolerance and best finishes held to the blueprint and first article inspections. So I understand quality and elegance.

This brings me to my next point sorry!

After 16 years of standing on concrete in boots 12-18 hrs. a day. I now have neuropathy in my hand's feet and back, it’s hard enough to find boots that look amazing, feel amazing, and won't cost $300 +. Especially with a young family 2 girls, 3 months old & 7 years old and one boy, 5 years old this weekend! This was the last boot I was trying since I have already bought three pairs of $250 + dollar boots this year and one pair of sneaker-style safety toes. ( All big names).

Today I successfully finished my first 12-hour shift standing on concrete in 1 year without my feet and back screaming with nerve pain when I got off of work, AND THEY LOOK SO AMAZING they definitely received the attention deserved from all the guys on the factory floor!

So THANKS A Ton!!! I am already saving for my next pair!

Proof I even wore them on my 45-minute drive home and proof that budget friendly is very important!

P.s. : My employer is a corporation that provides all employees $150 a year to spend on boots. You guys nailed the price point! I already had guys asking me how much today 🤣👍"

Kyle Lape

DNVR Moc Toe JET: Soft Toe Work Boot