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April 19, 2022 1 min read

"I am Chicago UA130 female Plumber, I have been struggling to find boots that are not $200, that are comfortable and do not hurt my feet. Red wings Are over rated, and the bottom of the soles split open after a month of wearing them. They were not comfortable, the store manager said we can replace them, you can get a different pair for the same price or your money back. If it happens again that they won’t replace them. So that put a bad taste in my mouth about ever owning another pair of redwings. I never had a chance to try Thorogood. But the last pair of shoes I owned were dewalt... they destroyed my left foot to leave me in such pain to where I was limping at night, could barely walk on the foot. To the point of getting Cortizone shots and custom orthotics. Ever since I bought QLTY boots I no longer have pain and they are extremely comfortable. I am now 2 months in!! Will only Buy these from now !! Next pair will be black !!"

Jacki Lirette

DNVR Moc Toe MOKA : Soft Toe