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May 25, 2023 2 min read

How to Clean Leather Work Boots

Work boots are a significant investment for anyone who spends their day in the trades, making it essential to know how to properly clean and maintain them. This guide will walk you through the process of effectively cleaning your leather work boots, helping to prolong their lifespan and keep them looking their best.

Removing Dirt and Dust

The first step in cleaning your leather work boots is removing any dirt or dust that has built up. Start by knocking the soles of the boots together to dislodge any loose dirt. Then, use a dry brush to clean off any remaining dust and dirt from the surface. If some stubborn dirt remains, consider using a toothbrush to reach into the crevices. Remember, this process should be gentle – the aim is to remove dirt, not damage the leather.

Soap and Leather Work Boots

One common question about cleaning leather boots involves soap. Can you clean leather boots with soap? The answer depends on the type of soap. It's crucial to avoid harsh soaps that can strip the natural oils from the leather. Instead, opt for a gentle, pH-balanced leather soap. Dampen a soft cloth, apply a little leather soap, and gently clean the boots. Make sure to remove any soap residue by wiping the boots with a clean, damp cloth afterward.

Reviving Your Boots

With the boots now clean, you might wonder, "how can I make my work boots look new again?" The key lies in conditioning. Over time, leather can dry out and crack, so a good quality leather conditioner is a must. This will help restore moisture, resulting in a fresh and revitalized appearance. Always test the conditioner on a small area first to ensure it doesn’t change the color of the leather.

DNVR 6" Moc Toe Boots

When it comes to quality work boots that stand up to the rigors of hard work, the DNVR 6" Moc Toe Boots are a perfect choice. These boots are built with high-quality materials and construction methods, promising durability and comfort. Plus, the methods we've mentioned above are all suitable for taking care of your DNVR 6" Moc Toe boots.


Taking care of your leather work boots is essential. Proper cleaning and maintenance not only keep your boots looking their best, but also extends their lifespan and ensures better performance on the job. So, next time your boots look like they need a little TLC, remember these steps to restore their appearance and condition. Happy cleaning!

(Note: Always refer to your boot manufacturer's care instructions, as some may have specific recommendations for their products.)